What is tablet calligraphy?

In tablet calligraphy, even without a brush or ink, you can use an iPad and the Zen Brush calligraphy app to write almost exactly like a real brush.
The ink does not stain the room, and you are free to rewrite. The background for writing characters also has various variations that represent the four seasons of Japan, allowing users to enjoy writing while enjoying the seasons. You can also use the printer to print out the characters you have written and display them in your room.

Features of Tablet Calligraphy

You can choose a template for the background.
You can choose the brush size, typeface, and ink shade as you like.
If you make a mistake or want to start over, you can use the erase brush function to start over from anywhere you want.
You can save your work as an image.

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About Online Tablet Calligraphy

The Hoyu Sakuma Calligraphy School also offers online lessons using the online conferencing application “ZOOM”. The lessons are not only for people in Japan, but also for people in Europe, India, the U.S., and other parts of the world (target languages are Japanese and English only).
Please take a trial course first to confirm the user’s environment, and then take regular lessons.

Preparation in advance

[You will need the following to take the Online Tablet Calligraphy Class]
A computer with ZOOM capability
iPad (with Zen Brush 2 installed) and Apple Pencil (if not available, you can write directly with your finger)
Internet connection

Please make sure that Zen Brush is working properly.
Please make sure that Zen Brush is working properly.
Please make sure that ZOOM screen sharing is enabled.

Course Manual

Download the Zen Brush application

Screen sharing tablets with ZOOM

Write letters while watching a model, Send an image of the letters you wrote to your teacher via messenger

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