Face-to-face Tablet Calligraphy Lesson

Calligraphy is not only for those who want to write beautifully, but also stimulates the brain through writing and is ideal for brain training for the elderly, but regular calligraphy can stain the room with ink and take time to prepare and clean up.
Tablet Calligraphy is an innovative way to practice calligraphy on a tablet with the help of an instructor from an authentic calligraphy school. No brushes, ink, or half-sheets are needed. We will use a tablet device that we provide, so even if you do not have a tablet, it is possible. You can print out your work and take it home.


Face-to-face Tablet Calligraphy Lesson Schedule

Face-to-face Tablet Calligraphy Lesson
Monday 10:30-12:00

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Face-to-face Tablet Calligraphy Lesson Price List

1.5h per person (solo)2,000 yen

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Tablet Calligraphy Workshop

We will hold a workshop where anyone can experience tablet calligraphy. Basically, the workshop will be held on Saturdays.
We will inform you of the venue as soon as it is decided.

Workshop at Soshigaya-Okura Gallery Cafe Georges



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