Hoyu Sakuma’s Calligraphy Classroom is a calligraphy class in Koganei City, Tokyo, where Sakuma Sosuke is the instructor.
As a classroom where you can feel free to experience Japanese culture, not only domestic students but also overseas guests are enjoying it.

In addition, for those who have difficulty coming to Japan or who want to learn calligraphy while abroad, we will hold a new “online classroom” both in Japan and overseas.
For those who want to start something new at home or find a hobby at their stay home, a teacher with 15 years of teaching experience will carefully guide you online.
Please be assured that we will respond in English to foreigners.

<The following is required to take classes in the online classroom. >
  • PC that can use ZOOM
  • iPad (Zen Brush 2 installed) and Apple Pencil (If you don’t have it, you can write it directly with your finger)
  • Internet environment
<Prepare in advance>
  1. Make settings so that you can connect to ZOOM from your iPad.
  2. Make sure your Zen Brush works properly.
  3. Please check if you can share the screen of ZOOM.

* We cannot accept questions about how to use PC, iPad, or ZOOM.
Instruct Zen Brush as appropriate.
Recommended: Zen Brush 2 for iOS / iPadOS

iPad 『Zen Brush2』


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