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Hi everyone! This is Yuya and Reiko from Japan Concierge
We want to bring Japan and the world closer together.
While it’s unfortunately impossible to travel to Japan at the moment, now is great time to try a calligraphy class from home with Hoyu Sakuma-sensei. With over 50 years experience as a calligrapher, 15 years experience as a calligraphy teacher, and fluent English, Sakuma-sensei is the perfect guide to introduce you to the world of Japanese calligraphy.

In this live broadcast, we will be showing you what an actual online calligraphy class is like, so it is a great chance to come and check it out
The live broadcast will also have a section where you can request a Japanese character for Sakuma-sensei to write in calligraphy!

While we are all stuck at home, come and enjoy Japanese culture with us!
Check out this broadcast to get an idea of what calligraphy lessons and what the atmosphere of the class are like, so you can decide if calligraphy is something that is for you and whether you might be able to get the hang of it.
We look forward to seeing you there when the time comes!
Date: February 2, 2021 (Tuesday), 19:00 (the broadcast will be about 20 minutes long).
Where: Broadcasting on the Japan Concierge Facebook page.
※Be sure to like and follow the Japan Concierge page ahead of time.
What: Introduction for the Hoyu Sakuma Calligraphy School. Online Calligraphy Lesson Demo.
Who: Hoyu Sakuma-sensei and Takushima-sensei, as well as Yuya and Reiko from Japan Concierge.

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