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A couple from the U.K. found my class by TicTok of Lindo and made a reservation before their trip to Japan.
On April 20 my assistants and I went to Musashi Koganei Station to pick them up.
I and my sub teacher hold their brushes together to practice writing, first in the air, second on the paper without ink.
Because it was their first time to write kanji with brush, I chose ‘友’ meaning friend.
After some practice they wrote on Shikishi board with their names in katakana syllabary on the left with putting seals of deer pictures, and how to read in alphabets below.
They chose and payed for their favorite paper frames.
I showed them how to write their names in kanji. They could choose their favorite kanji.
We enjoyed matcha with Japanese beautiful sweets that we chose on our way from the station.
After the lesson we went to Koganei Park, famous for cherry blossoms. They say they will come again the next time when they come to Japan.

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