Online tablet calligraphy trial lesson オンラインタブレット書道

インドでまなんでいる日本語にっぽんごでことわざとして、のうあるたかつめかくす をきたいとうので、今日きょう最初さいしょほうだけ練習れんしゅうしました。

We finally had the online tablet calligraphy trial lesson earlier today.
An Indian lady, who had participated in the session live-streamed by Beyond Global Jp on February 3, took today’s trial lesson.
Since she’s currently learning Japanese in India, she wanted me to teach her to write the following Japanese proverb:
Its translation is: “A capable hawk hides its claws.” In other words, a skillful person doesn’t need to show off their skills. It is recommended for skillful or talented people to be humble about their talent, and let their work do the talking.
We managed to practice writing only half of the proverb today.


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