My works 私の作品

わたし作品さくひんをごらんいただければさいわいいです。I would appreciate it if you took a look at my works.

今更に者(は)類(る)乎(を)わ寸(す)流(る)ゝ(る)花もあら志(じ) / や須(す)久(く)待千(ち)つつ今日も久(く)ら佐む
Imasarani haru wo wasururu hana mo araji / yasuku machi tsutsu kyou mo kurasamu
Originally composed by Saigyo (西行) a poet and monk of the late Heian period and the beginning of the Kamakura period. This work was included in the Sankashu.
English translation:
I am sure that no cherry blossoms will forget to bloom this season / Let us relax and wait for them today.


I wonder if the mountain cuckoo cries in dissatisfaction, not content with the shortness of the summer’s night — as the sun sets, it is not long before it rises again.
Originally written by Tadamine Mibuno (壬生忠岑)


(author unknown, from the Gosen Wakashu, compiled 951 A.D.)
Tsu tsu me do mo kakurenumono wa natumushino mi yori a ma re ru o mo hi na ri ke ri
English translation:
My thoughts of you only seem to burn brighter the more fervently I try to hide them – my love for you overflowing from me like the light of a firefly.
In this poem, the word “hi” is used as a rhetoric device – “hi” means fire, but it also is used as part of the word “omohi,”which means feelings of affection or love. By utilizing both meanings, the poet draws comparison to the light of a firefly.


The wind blows and the white clouds diverge at the mountain top, tearing apart and disappearing
Is it not like your heart, so callous?
Originally written by Tadamine Mibuno (壬生忠岑)

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