A YouTube covered by EDO TOKYO TOURS

I was fortunate enough to be covered by EDO TOKYO Tours as part of their video series through my posting my calligraphy classroom on TripAdvisor. They were kind enough to make a video for me, which tells more about my English calligraphy lessons that I provide for overseas visitors.
I asked overseas guests who stayed in Koganei to not only going to the Koganei Park for Edo Open Air Architectural Museum, but also to come to enjoy learning Japanese calligraphy with me because it’s on the way to the park from Musashi Koganei Station.
For any students who speak English and wish to learn Japanese calligraphy, I will hold your arms when you write, so you will be able to master basic strokes easily.
You can write your names in katakana. If you want it to write it in Kanji that has meaning, I can choose the best ones which suit your characters after consulting with you!
Why don’t you come on over?
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私の書道教室がトリップアドバイザーに掲載されているため、EDO TOKYO Toursに取材され、この動画を作成していただきました。動画の中には英語での書道レッスンの内容が紹介されています。

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