Writing in brush on the fan

A couple with a daughter living in Yokosuka Base took calligraphy lessons with her niece and her son from the U.S.A.
A lady living in Yokosuka was worried about if the teacher would be able to speak English, because she knows that Japanese people are often bad at speaking English.
I emailed her, “Yes, we can.”
They came after visiting Edo Tokyo Architectural Museum, not far from the classroom.
While learning the basic Japanese alphabets, they made their own ink using ink sticks and ink stones.
First, they practiced horizontal and vertical lines.
A lady visiting Japan wrote her name in katakana and they practiced 涼 ‘Ryo’ meaning ‘cool,’ and I asked them to write on some fans.
They were satisfied with their works and told us they would come back again with other Americans from the Base.
They are trying to buy calligraphy utensils and learn more about the art.
After taking photos, I gave them a chance to choose some gifts that my parents had collected in Japan.
They were very happy to receive a Japanese kettle and teacups, some tops, a doll, and so on.



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