My work at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum on Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition. 毎日書道展

It’s not often you find calligraphy teacher who offers lessons in English! Why don’t you join us?
I went to a calligraphy exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum where my work is exhibited with my foreign students, Sam from the U.S.A., Shalini from India and her friend from Jamaica. Sam and Shalini come to my class regularly.
I also explained about the pieces that were on display. Shalini was surprised to see how many times cherry blossoms, chirping birds, rivers and mountains were described across the exhibited works.
While taking a nap using a sleeve of the armor as a pillow before the war in the dawn, the chirping of the wild geese can be heard near by.
Kenshin Uesugi, the famous worrier
In Zoku Hyakunin Isshu for Worriers

上杉うえすぎ謙信けんしん ぞく武家ぶけ百人一首ひゃくにんいっしゅより

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