My calligraphic interpretation of Hillary Clinton’s name ヒラリークリントンの名前を書に

My name is Hoyu Sakuma, I’m an English speaking calligraphy teacher. I am also an English teacher for Japanese students.
I have been thinking about what I can do to contribute to world peace.
I’ve been trying to unite the world through teaching Japanese calligraphy to exchange students visiting Japan.
Now I have found that supporting Hillary Clinton is the best and easiest way as a Japanese citizen can help in organizing the different peoples of the world to live in harmony with one another.
This is a picture of my calligraphic interpretation of Hillary Clinton’s name.
飛 hi means to fly.
良 la/ra means good.
理 ri means logic or reason.
意 i means consciousness.
There are many ways to express her name using Chinese characters, but I chose the ones that best fit her character.
Also, you may have noticed the color of the Y is green.
I chose the color green because it resembles the shape of a sprout with two leaves. I wanted to express that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will bring about a new age and new beginnings to America and the whole world.
The other two photographs are of exchange students who visited my classroom, as well as the works they have composed.
I introduce a variety of my works in more detail on my portfolio at the link below — I would be very happy if you took a look.
Find out more about me and how to take my classes here!

佐久間さくま 明子あきこです。(雅号がごう甫祐ほゆう英語えいごはな書道講師しょどうこうしです。日本人にっぽんじん外国人がいこくじん両方りょうほうおしえています。

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