“Iroha”, an ancient Japanese poem. いろは

On September 20 Sam from America and Shalini from India who both come to my classroom to learn calligraphy regularly wrote “Iroha”.

Iroha Uta いろは歌

It is interesting once you know the meaning clearly.
Today they wore “Jinbaori”, sleeveless campaign jacket worn over armor.
I took a picture with them outside including Ms. Suzuki under an umbrella used for tea ceremony.
Ms.Suzuki (in Yukata) learns calligraphy and English from me and is a full-time tea ceremony teacher.
When guests come who want to experience tea ceremony in English, we will take them to her house which is equipped with a cozy tea room.
She will be the hostess and I’ll be her assistant.
Next week, Sam and Shalini will experience tea ceremony in Yukata.


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