“Ryofu” (涼風), meaning ‘cool wind’, and ‘Omoiyari’ (思いやり), kind heart.

I took Shalini from India and Marc from Canada to the Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition at The National Art Center on July 28th .
The workshop as organised by the Mainichi Calligraphy Association was held for the first time!
Shalini wrote 涼風, ‘cool wind’ that she had practiced in my classroom earlier.
I had taught her to write in the semi-cursive style of writing because that writing style is more dynamic just like the actual cool wind, than the block-style writing. It also appears to be relaxing for the writer.
Marc wrote 思いやり ‘kind heart’.
He came to my classroom to practice it the day before the workshop.
He asked me if it was possible to write both words in Kanji and I told him that since the noun ‘heart’ has been derived from a verb 思いやる (in this case), according to the rules of written Japanese, it would be impossible to write both the words in Kanji.
I showed a picture of Sam’s work to one of the organising staff, who was very impressed with the high quality of his work.
Finally, we took a group picture in front of my teacher, Ms. Seijyu Morihiro’s handiwork. Her work was very beautiful.

Shalini にはうちわに’涼風りょうふう’とくためにはじめて行書ぎょうしょ挑戦ちょうせんしていただきました。

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