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Get a firsthand experience of the magnificent art of Japanese calligraphy
I found Hoyu-san’s calligraphy classes through Voyagin and I’m quite grateful to Voyagin for the same. I’m originally from India and arrived in Japan around the middle of April this year. I’ll be living in Tokyo at least until the summer of 2020. During my time here, I wanted to take up an activity that would be both original to Japan and worthy of my time and efforts. Fortunately, I found Hoyu-san’s calligraphy or Shodo classes online.

Hoyu-San is an extremely gifted artist, a highly devoted deacher and a very humble human being. As her student, firstly you would get to choose whatever you’d like to write during your calligraphy lesson(s). Secondly, even if you’re completely new to the Japanese culture and language like I am, Hoyo-san would be very patient while teaching you the intricate brush strokes involved in writing Katakana or Kanji characters. Moreover, she would also explain in English the meaning of each character that you’d write.

Hoyu-san’s studio is quite close to the local bus and train stations. In fact, it is only a few minutes walk away from both. In case you’re going only for one lesson and you happen to be happy with the output of your efforts by the end of the lesson, Hoyu-San would be more than happy to get a copy of your handiwork printed on a tote bag. You could even get your work framed for a slightly extra charge.

I fully recommend Hoyu-san’s calligraphy classes to anyone who’d like to learn or try their hand at the awe-inspiring art of calligraphy. I’ve already been to her studio for two lessons and can’t wait for the next one.

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