“Youkoso” (ようこそ), Welcome and “Okonomiyaki “(お好み焼き), his favorite dish in Japan

Hello everyone,
An Australian couple, Jane and Matt, came to take calligraphy lesson in English by way of the website, Voyagin.
Jane wrote ‘Welcome,’ to display in her house. Matt loves Okonomiyaki, a thin, flat cake of unsweetened batter fried with various ingredients, so he wrote the word for it in Japanese.
My consultant Mr.Takahashi has a Samurai vest, a sword, and face armor, so he had Matt put them on. He was very pleased.
Jane wrote with a brush while wearing a short kimono and had a lot of fun.
So we made up a plan for guests to cosplay as a Samurai or lady of noble birth when they write with brushes, and take their pictures under the outdoor tea ceremony umbrella with powdered green tea and then put the pictures on Instagram.
My student of calligraphy also taught them as an assistant teacher. She has taught calligraphy to elementary school students for more than 30 years, so she is very experienced.
Jane said I was the best speaker of English that she has met during her month-long stay in Japan. It was her first experience to speak English with a Japanese person about Japanese life.
They said that they will recommend my lessons to their friends in Japan.
After the lesson they went to the Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum which is close to my classroom. They said that they enjoyed a lot there.


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